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Viber for PC or Vber PC is a site where we want to show you how you can run the greatest app for android Smartphone in your PC or laptop. You can run any app in a Windows PC or MAC without the necessity of having a last generation phone.

Viber for PC or Vber PCis a site where we are going to explain how to install the last free calls and instant messaging app like Whatsapp, Line from Naver, Tango and any app of this style. You can also run the greatest games for Android like Angry birds, Angry birds Start Wars…

How to install Viber for PC and other apps on your computer.

Viber for Pc , the app available in Google Play are developed for last generation phones, which have operating systems as IOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia…. To install an app, the first thing you need is an Android emulator..

With the installation of Android emulator, not only you can use a specific app, but also a door will be opened to a host of available applications for Smartphones, hundreds of Android Apps that you can install on the PC.

Let's start with the installation of Viber for PC.

First of all, if you want Viber for Pc or Vber PC, you have to download the Android emulator,tThe best emulator we have tried is Once downloaded, you have to install on your pc by following the wizard. When the installing process is complete, a shortcut will be showed on the computer desktop, now you are ready to download teh App Viber.

Click on the shortcut to execute the Bluestacks emulator. Once loaded, you should see a screen similar to this:

 Viber pc android emulator

Downloading your favorite app, from Play inclusive Viber for PC.

To download your favorite app, search it on app’s searcher and install it, if you want you can looking for Viber for PC or something like this.

Viber pc app donwload

If you get some problem to download the app on app’s searcher, search the app in Google. You must search by appname.apk, for example if you want to search for Whatsapp app, you must type in Google “whatsapp.apk”, then run Bluestacks emulator and double-click in your downloaded app.

First you need register Viber for PC,so go to My Apps, click on APP icon and start with the configuration of Viber for PC.

 Viber PC app install

app Viber will request the activation code. You have to enter the activation code you have just received on your mobile phone by SMS, and accept.

Viber pc configuration

Once the phone number is activated, you can start using the app Viber for PC on your PC as you would do on a Smartphone.

Viber pc alredy working

It’s time to enjoy with your friends!!

Viber for pc news...

Viber has launched a new version of this app that it can run in a Windows pc or Apple pc. Viber for windows or Viber for Apple. This aplication of Viber for Windows, it is available for download in the web site of Viber.

With this new version of Viber or Viber for Windows, more info here, you can make free call and chatting with others Viber users.

If you want to use Viber for Windows or Viber for Apple, it is necessary to be installed Viber app on your mobile Smartphone. Viber for Windows will synchronize all the chats that you have in your Smartphone to your pc where you have installed Viber for Windows.

From Japan comes Line for PC another great app for instant messaging and free calls.Line for PC begins to gain market share worldwide, if you want to know more about Line for PC features click here.

How to install Viber in your personal computer without Smartphone

1 Download and install an Android emulator, we recommended BlueStacks emulator. With Bluestacks you will get all the apps available in Google play inclusive Viber.

2 Setup Bluestacks in order to get access in Google Play. In this step it is necessary to be an email account from Gmail. I you don’t have a Gmail account you can register and get one, this is free.

3 Download and setup Viber for PC.

Remember that you can use Viber under Android emulator without a Smartphone.

If you want to be Viber in your Smartphone and in your Desktop or laptop, download Viber App on your Smartphone and install Viber for Windows on your computer, all features about Viber for PC here.

Viber for PC Features

This great app is growing , gains more users around the world thanks to Viber. Viber PC or Smartphone offers unbeatable features that the company is trying to improve every day .

Free calls via VoIP to your contacts

HD quality of calls

Support HD videoconferencing

Notifications in the System Tray

Synchronize calendar between your PC and mobile

Synchronize messages between the PC and mobile

Today Viber has few functions available

You need the mobile app installed to use the Windows client

Viber VoIP and best quality

Viber for PC or the mobile version dsiponen voice quality of the call that many other apps do not have . Viber engineers have done a great job to give value to one of the main features of viber . Although it also depends on the connection that users have in their locations, at no time we have noticed a decline in functionality.